Choosing the Best Moving Company

When moving, especially during a residential change, you should hire a reputable Moving or Removals Company since you will be transporting valuable personal and expensive stuff. While choosing moving companies in Kenya, trust is the most important factor to consider. To establish that, you have to research about Moving Companies near you that you might hire.

Important factors to consider while researching for the suitable Moving Company include the following:

Reviews of the Moving Company

Research for online reviews of the prospective Moving Company, what people are saying about its reputation and the services they offer. Friends and colleagues who have previously made use of a Moving company are the best bet in hiring a reputable one. Online reviews, give you unbiased points of view about the services the company offers. Research at least more than one.

Finding Experts

If you are moving many items, some of which are delicate and require equally delicate handling, the Moving Company that you hire has to have capacity, experience and expertise to handle those items. Most companies you come across will assure you that they know how to move these things. But be diligent and politely demand some proof or revert to friends and loved ones for recommendation.

Get an Estimate

Research on the price and estimate how much it will cost you to move the things, and that way you can plan your budget ahead of time. However, you may have to get an estimate of multiple moving companies, this way you will be able to compare their prices before settling for the one you want. You have to relate the estimate to the quality of the service the company offers. Do not always settle for the least price to pay, because most times it can affect the quality of service you will be rendered which means that you may be at the receiving end in the long run. So with the research that you have made, it is left for you to find the right balance between the price, quality of service, and the reputation of the company.

Make Further Research About the Company

Research further about the company based on their license to transport, and even as small as the validity of their plate number and ensure they have met the requirements to register a company in Kenya. Also, some moving companies usually operate with an insurance. Make sure that you have a good look into this. Finally, if you are moving to a new country, there may be other requirements depending on your destination. Make sure that all of these are well researched before hiring a company.

Find Out What Their Service Entails

Some moving companies will help you to pack the load, while others might leave that task to you. Some will help in the provision of boxes and other moving supplies and will charge you for the gas or fuel separately while others may include it in their estimate. You have to verify all this before hiring moving companies in Kenya

On the day of moving, encourage the company to come early, so the job will be completed quickly.

Transparent rates

When you book service, the Moving Company will give you a rate based on the number of hours and number of movers you’ll likely need from them and the distance. However, keep in mind that this is a base rate. It does not include additional packing materials you may need, potentially higher rates to move large, heavy objects, or other incidental add-ons. Moving companies might not give you a definite estimate on the phone. They will give you a general idea of how much you will be spending. Be sure to ask about what constitutes an extra fee. If they cannot give you that information, move on to somebody else.

A good fit for your individual needs

Every move is different. Whether you’re moving a four-bedroom house or a studio apartment, you need to make sure that the moving company you hire can accommodate all of your things. Think about your individual needs, and then ask the right questions to ensure you’re picking the right fit. Some things to consider are:

  • Whether the company has a moving truck that is the right size to both fit all of your boxes and furniture and abide by any physical constraints of your property.
  • Whether the company can provide additional packing supplies as needed, such as moving blankets, bubble wrap, garment boxes, etc.
  • Whether the company is available in a time window that meets your needs and can guarantee pickup and delivery dates and times that are convenient for you.

Beware of Rogue Movers

To verify a Moving company is legitimate, check for an active license, look up their service records, and make sure they have a valid physical address (and not just a P.O. box). You also want to be wary of any mover that asks for a deposit, especially if they’re asking for more than 20 percent.

License & Insurance

Beware of using a Moving company that is not licensed and insured. A group of people can buy a truck or two and call themselves a Moving company, but only those who are officially licensed and insured are legally bound to protect your property.

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